Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills

Food Nutrition and Basics Skills (FNBS) is part of the Basic Needs Initiative on campus. Many students come into the university environment new to nutrition, food preparation, grocery shopping, and budgeting. Learning these skills can help increase students' food security and teach sustainable eating habits. 

Join us and our partners in learning how to cook,  eat balanced meals, stretch your grocery budget , while developing your relationship with the environment. We offer our multi week series UCSB Cooks for beginners looking to build foundational skills in the kitchen. We also offer standalone workshops with campus and community partners, as well as weekly organic fruit distribution. 

While COVID-19 has affected in-person workshops, we invite you to cook along with us digitally, from the convenience of your own home. All events are free and open to students, staff, and faculty. 

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UCSB Cooks

Are you interested in cheffing it up? This free (five-week) hands-on cooking series teaches beginners the tools to be successful and safe in the kitchen! Meet new friends, enjoy healthy meals, and learn to cook nutritiously on a budget.

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Why the Fruit?

Because Health & Wellness wants you to have access to fiber, vitamins & minerals! Why The Fruit? (WTF) Program allows Health & Wellness to provide fresh, local and organic fruit to partners campus-wide.  We deliver fruit to the following locations on Tuesdays:


2. Student Health / Health & Wellness

3. H&W Annex

4. SNAC/Basic Needs Center

5. Career Center/CAPS 

6. Rec Cen 

And you can always pick up free food from AS Food Bank.  Click the "AS Food Bank Hours" link below to see their open hours. 

AS Food Bank Hours

'WTF Fruit Basket'

Cooking Resources

The Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program (FNBS) is a coalition effort between students, staff, faculty, and community members to empower our students with the skills to become more food secure, we aim to support student success in the kitchen and provide skills they can utilize long after graduation. All recipes are designed to be affordable, flexible ingredients, and can easily incorporate different dietary preferences.

Cooking Resources

Program Partners

The Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program (FNBS) is housed in the Department of Health and Wellness is the culinary education arm of the Basic Needs Initiative. FNBS is a coalition effort between students, staff, faculty, and community members to empower our students with the skills to become more food secure. FNBS collaborates with a variety of partners to put on our culinary workshops. 

FNBS Partners





Basic Needs Resources

If you'd like to learn more about the Basic Needs Initiative, Click Here: Basic Needs Resources

This initiative provides a centralized source of information regarding healthy and sustainable food options at UCSB and in the local community. Services and resources are highlighted to help students, staff, and faculty access and choose healthy food options.  It also serves as a hub for learning about the campus food justice movement and efforts to reduce food insecurity and create a more sustainable and just food system. 

The website was developed and launched by the Food Security Communications Team of the UC Global Food Initiative. The UCSB Health and Wellness Program and SIS&T department will provide ongoing management of the site. 

Free Literature on Food!

For free access to books and articles on Food, Nutrition, & Basic Skills, check out our Library Guide:

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