Looking to dive deeper? There are many ways to get involved with Health & Wellness. If you’re looking to become a part of our department and become a peer educator and volunteer, check out our Certification Programs. Or if you’re just looking to dig in more to what we have to offer in various health topics to enrich your personal wellness journey, you may benefit from our Series Workshops. Get involved at whatever level you want to. It’s all here at Health & Wellness.


UCSB Cooks

Are you interested in cheffing it up? This free (five-week) hands-on cooking series runs from week 4-week 8 and teaches beginners the tools to be successful and safe in the kitchen! Meet new friends, enjoy weekly meals, and learn to cook nutritiously on a budget. Recipes are designed to be flexible for any diet restrictions and preferences. Sessions are offered in person and virtually - this series is popular so make sure to apply now!

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Mindfulness and Meditation Series

A 4-session workshop series that will teach you the skill of mindfulness. It will also help you build the habit of using it in your life on a regular basis. We’ve found that folks get a lot more out of this series if they stick with it from beginning to end, therefore attendance at all 4 sessions is required. So double check your calendar and join us!

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Body Project

The Body Project is an evidence driven, empirically and research based eating disorder prevention program that fosters body acceptance and reduces risk for developing Eating Disorders among high school and college aged women.   

This is a four-week, peer-led educational group with a clearly outlined, weekly plan delivered in a small group format. We provide three women’s groups quarterly.  Each group is facilitated by two Health & Wellness peer educators who provide a forum for young women to confront the culture of unrealistic beauty ideals and engage in the development of healthy body image. 

The curriculum for this program was developed as a peer-to-peer delivery model by Eric Stice, PhD, a nationally recognized expert in eating disorders prevention. Three of our health educators in Health & Wellness, and two dieticians in Student Health were trained in the supervision of peer health educators to deliver this program in Summer 2019, and the program was first implemented at UC Santa Barbara in Fall 2019. It has been delivered to over one million young women around the world and has been proven to improve body satisfaction, reduce the risk for eating disorders, and improve school and social functioning.

We ask that you attend all 4 sessions and participate in some basic homework exercises. This will give YOU the best results.

Dr. Stice’s team has developed a new curriculum for men, and we are exploring the possibility of  offering two quarterly men’s body image groups this academic year.

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