We all know sleep is important. As a college student, juggling multiple commitments such as academics, work and a social life, it can be hard to prioritize sleep. However, consistent and quality sleep has a large impact on the success of your academics and overall quality of life. For example, research shows that sufficient sleep improves memory, mood, and performance. Our sleep education gives students the opportunity to assess their sleep needs and help them establish consistent sleep routines. We hope that as a result of sleep education, students will prioritize sleep to increase their energy, well-being, and learning potential.

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UCSB Sleep Challenge

Enter the challenge to track and learn more about sleep. Each module covers a different area of sleep and for many types of sleepers as well. Take a look!

Sleep Challenge



Body Scan for Bedtime

It can be hard to control the noises surrounding us before we go to bed, especially in college. To help ease you into sleep, try this short 10-minute bedtime meditation.

Take a Listen! 

Take a Nap

Nap Station

To help offset daytime sleepiness, stop by the Health & Wellness nap station on the Physical Sciences North Lawn. Take a nap in one of our inflatable pods or grab for some free sleep swag including eye masks and ear plugs. Note: Nap Station times change every quarter. Please check the H&W calendar for the current Nap Station information.

Due to COVID-19, Nap Stations are currently unavailable.

Chemistry Lawn with Nap Pods

Egg Chairs

There are also some comfy chairs to relax in scattered across campus. Check out the list below to see if you are near one or look at the map on our website.

Library (5) →  We partnered with the library to have 3 egg chairs on the Ocean Side by the ATC room and near the Transfer Student Center. There are also 2 egg chairs on the Mountain Side across from the Services Desk.
CAPS (2)
GSA lounge (4)
Santa Rosa Main Lounge (2)
San Cat Fiesta Room (2)
Santa Cruz Lobby (2)

Due to COVID-19, Egg Chairs are currently unavailable.

Egg Chair

Nap Pods in the Library

We're grateful for our partnership with the Library. Check out the brand new Health & Wellness nap pods in the UCSB Library (Ocean Side, near the Transfer Student Center) where students can take a 20-minute nap as a break in their studies. Enjoy a relaxing zero-gravity experience complete with soft music, gentle vibrations, and a storage space to keep your belongings safe while you snooze zzz

Due to COVID-19, Nap Pods are currently unavailable.


Library Guide for Wellbeing

For FREE additional readings and resources on sleep health, check out our UC Santa Barbara Library Well-being LibGuide. Here you can find curated books and more on this health topic that you can download and read on your computer or mobile device... FREE!

Here are some of just the many sleep health books offered at our LibGuide!