Positive psychology interventions help us to thrive in life.  We focus on five areas: developing strong positive relationships, developing skills throughout life, living a meaningful life by using your skills to contribute to something bigger than yourself, accomplishing goals, and increasing positive emotions. Our Positive Psychology Program includes workshops, events, and online learning. Check out our upcoming events and some really useful resources below! Coming soon, we'll have some interactive online learning modules for self-enrichment!

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Developing A Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset (believing that we can change and learn throughout our whole lives) can steward you to new, optimistic ways of explaining adversity and resiliency.  For example, instead of saying, “I’m so stupid” one can say, “I made a mistake and I am learning. Learning a new skill takes time."  Remember that you spend more time talking to yourself than anyone else. Be kind to yourself. This belief helps you to persevere and seek out new challenges that will in turn help you develop new skills and ultimately strengthen you. Check out more information on this powerful practice by clicking on the button below to watch a short but useful video.

Growth Mindset Video

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VIA Character Strengths

Knowing your top Character Strengths is shown to improve your relationships, enhance your health and overall well-being, and help buffer against, manage, and overcome problems.  Take the VIA Character Strengths survey to learn your top 5 strengths.   This survey takes only 15 minutes and has life-long benefits! Its free to take. Check it out by clicking below!

Character Strengths Survey

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Carol Ackerman Positive Psychology Website

This website has a wealth of information and psychological services grounded in the science of positive psychology to encourage ongoing well-being and prevention of future mental health difficulties and to promote individual, family, and community thriving.

Created by the UCSB Psychology Department.  Check it out by clicking on the box below.

Positive Psych Website

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Happiness Challenge

Take the UCSB Happiness Challenge, a series of mini-challenges designed to enhance student well-being at UCSB. Brought to you by Health & Wellness and ED191W, each week provides a "wellness topic" with research-based information, a challenge, and other supplemental resources. References will be listed at the end of each week for more information.

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Library Guide for Wellbeing

For FREE additional readings and resources on this health topic, check out our UC Santa Barbara Library Well-being LibGuide. Here you can find curated books and more on this health topic that you can download and read on your computer or mobile device... FREE!

Here are some of just the many books offered at our LibGuide!


Wellbeing LibGuide