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Body Scan for Bedtime

It can be hard to control the noises surrounding us before we go to bed, especially in college. To help ease you into sleep, check out our short 10-minute bedtime meditation. Download below if your browser does not support HTML5 audio.

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Body Scan Meditation

Koru Mindfulness & Meditation Series

The ability to calm the chatter in our minds is a crucial skill for the modern student. Learn evidence-based skills in meditation, stress-management and mindfulness techniques developed specifically for college-age students. This workshop series will include an interactive mobile app and complementary coursebook, The Mindful Twenty-Something, by Holly B. Rogers, MD. Students MUST commit to all 4 sessions in order to enroll. Space limited to 14 participants.

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Koru Class Series

Mindfulness for Social Justice

By acknowledging how capitalist society places value on production over humanity, joy, and rest, this course aims to explore how self and community care may bring us closer to our authentic and full selves, which is necessary for doing social justice work. Using mindful practices as a way to learn more about oneself and create a community beyond the restrictions and expectations of our oppressive society, we hope to provide a tool kit for students to prevent burnout and promote self-preservation. In order to sustain ourselves and our work for the long-term, we must engage with restful practices that are truly restorative to our minds, bodies, and spirits. To that end, we will learn and practice methods to self-soothe, participate in community care, and understand rest as a truly revolutionary act. Our time together will also serve as a discussion space touching upon the topics of grief, rest, spirituality, and capitalism while prioritizing self-discovery, community care, and joy.

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Take a listen to these guided meditations!


This one is for my fellow UCSB students! This short meditation includes references to your favorite study spaces and supplies. Whether you are grinding for a midterm, putting the finishing touches on a project or collaborating with your peers use this meditation to hit the cognitive reset button. Enjoy!


With the demands and responsibilities of daily life it is easy to get thrown off center. Being off balance warps the way we perceive the unfolding of our lives. This meditation uses targeted breathing and imagery to help reestablish our center bringing a sense of groundedness and balance.


Cooking is an age old practice. Across the gamut of human civilizations cooking plays an integral role in culture and family. Oftentimes cooking is accompanied by a feeling of being rushed and we miss out on the joy of the experience. This meditation helps us settle into the beautiful process of cooking while engaging all the senses. bon appétit.


Breathing happens all on its own, we don’t have to do anything. That being said, the process of breathing is often overlooked and goes unnoticed. This meditation breaks down the breath bringing nuance and understanding to the process of breathing. In just 5 short minutes you can experience for yourself the relaxing power of tuning into the most common of mindful anchors!

Heightened Stress Meditation

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious is valid. Factors such as school, work, politics, and quarantine can lead to heightened stress. Take this as an opportunity to give yourself five minutes. Relax any tense muscles, breathe, and show yourself compassion. 

Short Breath Meditation


Study Break


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